Questions #1: How does fate work?

Is it that every little choice we make is pre-determined?
Or is that no matter what choices we make, we reach the same end?

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  1. Interesting question…
    I think it’s a mix of both, because life is too complicated for it to be just one thing.


  2. InfiniteZip says:

    I often think fate is just a thought out of fear and superstition. We are all one and energy gives the movement leading us to all that is and will be….a marvelous thing if we set aside the boxes we are put into and float merrily into all, knowing in the end there is only lover and it will devour us in magic and we will then ooze it like sweat oozes from our pores, purging our system of toxins so that the idea of fate is just a word, it won’t matter because we will be love and that is a beautiful thing….

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