muse: Peace.

What remains amongst The money and the Fame and your Newest piece of Mundane junk Is actually what matters The most. What keeps you awake At night and lets The nightmares stay Behind your eyes When you don’t have it: Is actually what matters The most. What matters the most Is peace. Advertisements

muse: Colours

Black, white, brown? Who the hell can define anyone in just one colour?


What’s more ironic? Someone who doesn’t take their own advice? Or someone who fights really hard for something they don’t even believe in? Are these even ironies? 😛 Comment below and answer, please? 🙂   A small note on absence: I’m really sorry about the absence of posts. Exams tend to get the better of…

hiraeth: Mercury.

The stars are a river A sliver of silver Is enough to kill. Someone in shadow His life will forgo At the river’s will. The dark is an ink blot Upon panicked thoughts Floating in the current. The heart drowns first Then comes the thirst The prayers become fervent. I watch from afar He’s dying…