Terribly Tiny Tales #1

She hears one thousand voices every day. She hears one voice every night. And one day, she can’t hear the thousand voices anymore.

sonder: Beauty.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe the saying never intended to include dysfunctional beholders. Or maybe it never occurred to those who first said it in those halcyon social-media-deficit days that true beauty would become the perverse concept it is today. I recently watched a reaction video made by Fine Brother’s Entertainment…

Investing Emotionally.

Emotional investments are probably the most important investments we make. They demand more than mundane monetary advances. And yet they’re most underrated in terms of how they’re not even recognised as investments per se. We take the emotions others express towards us for granted. We have this double standard of not expressing our emotions but…

hiraeth: Forever and beyond.

Self doubt is a shackle I shackled myself. Motivation is key I lost it. At least not forever There is always that Beyond. So here I am Again, with determination To find, never to lose Myself And You.   NOTE: Yes, I went through a phase. This is my comeback, I think that’s the term….