hiraeth: Vacuum. 

The world is full of rain

Just not enough earth 

To soak in the clouds’ kiss 

In overnight rebirth; 

The world is full of music

Just not enough silence 

Of people simply listening 

To their breaths, their essence;

The world is full of beauty 

Just not enough beholders 

People who believe that not 

All that glitters is golden; 

The world is full of peace 

Just not enough explorers 

In pursuit of the tranquil

Islands in the midst of chaos; 

The world is full of people 

Just not enough humans 

To make space, to reveal 

The presence in absence. 


Plug your earphones in 

Don’t hit the play button

Just block out the noise

Lisren to yourself breathing;

Stand in a cold shower 

Don’t wash your hair 

Just detach yourself 

You’re a fish, a whale;

Affix your eyes to a point

Don’t see the point 

Just let your eyes unfocus 

And usher the focus inside; 

Play back your memories 

Don’t judge them at all 

Just watch them unfold 

They’re simply what they are; 

Listen to someone

Don’t tune them out 

Just revel in the moment 

Their attention is yours; 

Make space, more space 

Don’t leave too little room

Just empty out the fullness 

What you need is vacuum. 
So I wanted to write the same theme in two different ways. I’m calling the first one a “third person narrative” and the second a “first person narrative”, if that makes any sense. 

I wrote this when I really enjoyed one afternoon by myself and listening to my breathing with my earphones in with no music on and watching the rain. And for once, there was nothing but the sounds I created, nobody talking over each other, nobody demanding that we all have some “real fun”. Just me. 

The world really is too full. Also, I hate group projects. 


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