hiraeth: Nonetheless. 

When lightning 

Strikes a tree 

It asks not 


When raging fire

Consumes a forest

It asks not 


When biting frost

Freezes lungs 

It asks not 


When disease 

Claims a body 

It asks not 


When anger 

Burns a soul 

It asks not 


When negativity 

Darkens a smile

It asks not 


When doubt 

Shadows belief 

It asks not 


But they all hurt 

People are often alarmingly nonchalant about what their emotions or outbursts do to others around them. 

Your anger hurts them. Your sadness hurts them. Your carelessness hurts them. Your doubt hurts them. 

Make a conscious effort to be responsible with your emotions. Discuss, don’t argue. Talk, don’t shout. Soothe, don’t aggravate. And let yourself forget, rather than make them remember the incident in a negative light. And if they’re silent, don’t take it for granted. Because you don’t want to bring it to a point where they stop caring. 

Because they deserve better. 


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