hiraeth: Untitled.

There is a place 

Full of magic 

Full of discovery

It lies among the trees

When you open 

Your eyes wide

And behind your eyelids

When you close 

Them tight

And this place

Is our abode

Just you and me 

And the pleasures

We seek, simple pleasures

Words spoken

Words unspoken

But full of longing 

And love.

And our home 

Among tall trees

An infinite sky

Casting its infinite colours

As panes of light that

Filter through the trees

Amplifies our joy

Accepts our pain

As it seeps underground 

Only to spread 

Pain’s demand 

As a heavy musk

Into the evening air

To envelop us in

Its deep scent 

To provoke our thoughts

Into the hues of autumn

To soak us 

In retrospect, and to

Teach us what pain is 

So you and I wake up to

The dawn of spring 

Among the trees

When our eyes are

Wide open

And behind each other’s 

Eyelids, when our eyes are

Closed tight. 
Just two words: Accept pain. 


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