sonder: The Solution. 

The concept of ‘solution’ is hardly singular. There is no one solution to a problem because of the quintessential nature of mutliple problems and their respective solutions changing and growing in a given epoch. 

But right now, with Indo-Pak ties coming irreparably undone, one solution comes to mind. You’d think it’s seemingly unrelated, but this solution is the superset of many solutions to many problems. 

Stop being materialistic. 

Imagine for one second that you indulge very very rarely in luxury, or maybe not at all. Everybody is happy with their lot in life, and strive to elevate their standard of living only in pursuit of knowledge or in the pursuit of giving knowledge and happiness to others. 

Do you feel a sense of freedom? Kids feel free of learning things that don’t make sense to their individual life story. These kids grow up to be adults equipped with knowledge that appeals to them. They strive to fulfil their passion without external expectations. They fall in love without expectations. They have jobs that make them happy, they have partners who make them happy, and no one cares about what car they drive. They imbibe the same values in their children. They grow old peacefully and die.

Imagine this on a global scale. 

A country happy with its indigenous resources, engaging in trade with other countries in a similar state of acceptance. Is there room for nukes and war? Is there room for mistrust and enmity? 

That feeling of having less or wanting more is a precursor to war and discrimination. All those who wage war or discriminate feel incomplete somewhere, and decide to fill that void with war. But not even a million soldiers’ blood will not fill that up. 

The Hindu Vedas are a shining example of this. The number of wars fought as we progressed through the four yugas is directly proportional to the number of differences that civilisation created within itself. The Mahabharata because the Kauravas wanted too much wealth and glory, and wanted no one else to have it. World.War I and II because Hitler wanted too much power, and had a twisted idea of race. Our own history has clearly pointed it out, and we are blind to its warning. 


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