Terribly Tiny Tales #1

She hears one thousand voices every day. She hears one voice every night. And one day, she can’t hear the thousand voices anymore. Advertisements

Investing Emotionally.

Emotional investments are probably the most important investments we make. They demand more than mundane monetary advances. And yet they’re most underrated in terms of how they’re not even recognised as investments per se. We take the emotions others express towards us for granted. We have this double standard of not expressing our emotions but…

An observation.

Paradoxes are often what make life interesting. They add just the right amount of dilemma to the routine of life as we know it. They give us that little nudge in the direction of questioning ourselves once in a while, arousing a curiosity that may have abandoned us, partly, sometime between when our allotment of…


What’s more ironic? Someone who doesn’t take their own advice? Or someone who fights really hard for something they don’t even believe in? Are these even ironies? 😛 Comment below and answer, please? 🙂   A small note on absence: I’m really sorry about the absence of posts. Exams tend to get the better of…

Questions #1: How does fate work?

Is it that every little choice we make is pre-determined? Or is that no matter what choices we make, we reach the same end? Comment below 🙂