hiraeth: Untitled.

There is a place  Full of magic  Full of discovery It lies among the trees When you open  Your eyes wide And behind your eyelids When you close  Them tight And this place Is our abode Just you and me  And the pleasures We seek, simple pleasures Words spoken Words unspoken But full of longing …

muse: Stairway to Heaven

Inspired by “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. Oil on canvas. Paint: 1. Camel Artist’s Oil Colour- Prussian Blue (262) Cobalt Blue Hue (266) Viridian Hue (285) Ivory Black (207) 2. Bozetto- Titanium White (100) Brushes: Fine Art (don’t remember which ones I used) Canvas: 12″x 16″      


I’ve decided I need some structure here. I’m all over the place now, no surprise there. Lifestyles tend to reflect quite well. Hence, this schedule/structure. Hopefully I don’t descend into an existential crisis and ignore any semblance of motivation. I believe I’m a Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. If nothing else, it offers versatility, which I’m going to incorporate…

Terribly Tiny Tales #2

She gazed into the hole, gauging its depth Took one step back and saw It was her own heart.

The Fun Questions Tag.

When is your birthday? Speaking of birthdays, Nostradamus said- “As surely as you pass the day of your birth every year, you pass the day of your death.” Interesting right? What are 3 of your favourite colours? Black, blue, and deep purple. What are your 3 favourite quotes? “No good deed goes unpunished.”- Vishnu Sharma….

hiraeth: Footprints.

In a way there’s something different A painting hangs just the same on The wall that holds its breath and yet It seems that the light now plays another Symphony on the colours of the dawn. This was never about the way that The colours begin and end, but rather Of the in-betweens and the…

tsundoku: The 204th Anniversary of Sense and Sensibility.

  Compelling words written by A Lady were unveiled on this very day 204 years ago. And you can take this sentence quite literally because the author’s name was in fact, A Lady, as seen on the book’s cover. Sense and Sensibility is Jane Austen’s account of two women, each with their own distinct characters….